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When comparing two files in PackEdge's Viewer Compare tool, you might get the following error "Cannot retrieve image parameters because", preventing you to further use the tool.

This problem will most likely be due to an issue related to PackEdge's temporary files folder, defined in Edit > Preferences... > Files > Folder Temporary Files.

You can indeed encounter this problem when symbols, accents or non-standard alphabet letters (i. e. Spanish ñ) are used in the path of this folder.


You get the following error message "Cannot retrieve image parameters because" when trying to compare two files in PackEdge's Viewer Compare tool.


  1. In PackEdge, go to Edit > Preferences... > Files tab > Folder Temporary Files.
  2. Click Browse...
  3. Click Make New Folder and create one whose path doesn't contain accents, symbols or non-standard alphabet letters.
  4. Select this new folder and click OK.
  5. Also click OK in the Preferences panel.
  6. Re-start PackEdge.
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