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In case you've purchased a new Mac Pro (late 2013 or newer), you will not be able to start up Esko software that is licensed via network licenses in case you're using 2 or more Ethernet connections via thunderbolt.
The Licensing System will be unable to get license information from the Network License Manager. So, when you start up Adobe® Illustrator® with DeskPack/ Studio installed, will crash Illustrator® on startup in about 90% of the cases. Sometimes, when it does start up without a crash, the plugins will be unlicensed.


Crash on startup of Adobe® Illustrator® with plugins installed that are pointing to a Network License server for licenses.


The reason for the problem is that the licensing system is unable to get hardware information on the new Mac Pro because more than one Ethernet connection is active via thunderbolt.

Flexera, our licensing system provider, is currently working on a fix and we hope to have this fix implemented in the Suite 14 Assembly 4 release (March 2015).

For now, make sure only 1 Ethernet cable is connected to the Mac Pro via Thunderbolt.

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